Inter-island connecting flights

Under the rules of the air transportation model on routes from Mainland Portugal - Azores and Azores - Madeira, SATA Air Açores is required to provide a routing service, according to the availability of seats, free of charge, for passengers traveling within Azores, starting or ending in Mainland Portugal or Funchal, intending to use any gateway in Azores (Ponta Delgada [PDL], Santa Maria [SMA], Terceira [TER], Faial [HOR], Pico [PIX]).

1. Eligibility

1.1. Passengers must have available a transportation document, specifically a booking itinerary or a transportation ticket in a standardized format by the industry, with reference to the airline's booking code (record locator) and to the respective ticket number, as well as information on flights and flight schedules to/from the Azores (either one-way or round-trip).

1.2. SATA is free to prove the validity of the transportation document presented by the passenger, as defined in the preceding paragraph, by the available means at the time of booking and issuing for the routing transportation ticket. Under this validation process, SATA may request additional information to the passenger on the purchase made in the airline used for transportation to/from Azores.

1.3. The booking and the issuance of the routing transportation ticket will be refused when it’s not possible or permitted to the concessionaire to prove the eligibility of the passenger, in particular if the passenger refuses to provide, in whole or in part, the necessary information or if the passenger doesn’t authorize the physical or electronic archiving of the required supporting documents.

1.4. In case of different transport documents, SATA will not be responsible for the payment of any compensation and assistance resulting from missed connection flights.  

1.5. Routings are limited to two flight coupons, except Corvo Island, in which an additional flight coupon will be allowed whenever there aren’t any daily connections.

1.6. The flight coupon corresponds to a one-way route (OW) to and from any aerodrome or airport in Azores, including transits and transfers [therefore, regardless of any change on the flight’s number], provided that the trip on this route takes place in a 24-hour period between the arrival of the firts flight and the departure of the last flight to your final destination.

1.7. The limit mentioned in the preceding paragraph is not applicable in cases where the 24-hour period cannot be met for reasons attributable to SATA.

1.8. The minimum connecting time (MCT - Minimum Connecting Time) on the gateway, between inter-island flights and flights to/from the Azores should not be less than 90 minutes, considering the necessity for baggage delivery and new check-in process.

1.9. Tickets issued under loyalty programs or other similar programs (e.g. SATA Imagine, TAP Victoria - tickets with miles) and tickets issued for aviation related employees (commonly known as ID/AD) are not eligible for inter-island connecting flights.

1.10. The booking and the issuance of the routing transportation ticket will be refused if the conditions mentioned in the preceding paragraphs do not verify or/and if the transportation ticket to/from Azores already includes a free connecting flight.


2. Booking and issuance of the routing transportation ticket

2.1. The booking for the routing transportation ticket can be made in all SATA's Portuguese airport sales offices, city sales offices and Contact Center through phone number +351 296209720. The booking for the routing transportation ticket is available through the online portal ( up to 120h (5 days) or up to 24h through our Contact Center, before departure of the initial schedule flight to or from the Azores.

2.2. Passengers may also make their bookings for the routing transportation ticket with a travel agent that can use the booking channels mentioned in the previous point or others made available by SATA.

2.3. It is guaranteed a period up to 72 hours after the booking for the passenger to order the issuance of the routing transportation ticket, unless the booking is made less than 72 hours from the scheduled flight departure, in which case the booking and the issuance will have to be made simultaneously.

2.4. Once finished the period defined above, the booking will be automatically canceled if the passenger does not give any order for the issuance of the routing transportation ticket.

2.5. The routing transportation ticket between the gateway and the island of destination will have to be issued before the beginning of the connecting trip to the gateway.

2.6. It is allowed to passengers to make a booking without holding the transportation document (booking itinerary or a transportation ticket purchased from the airline that transports to/from Azores), only if the purchase occurs on our airport ticketing offices, city ticketing offices or through our Contact Center, and it should indicate the elements necessary for personal identification. Should the passenger choose to book online at our portal (, the transportation document must be provided at the time of the request.

2.7. Should the booking occur on our airport sales offices, city sales offices or Contact Center, the passenger will have up to 6h to refer the transportation document to the concessionaire through its indicated email address. Otherwise, the booking will be automatically canceled. The booking will also be canceled if the transportation document sent by the passenger is not eligible for routing purposes.

2.8. There will not be any issuance of a receipt for the acquisition of a routing transportation ticket, which is only applicable for additional services requested and paid by the passenger.


3. Trip changes

Whenever there are requests for trip changes, before or during the trip, the following rules apply:

3.1. Changes to the routing transportation tickets are allowed.

3.2. When performing the routing on a new flight/date, the passenger will have to make proof once again of eligibility as described in points 1 and 2 of this regulation.

3.3. Changing any complementary service to the routing trip, which has been supported by the passenger, shall be governed by the rules on the purchased service.

3.4. SATA may validate, by automatic backoffice, the passenger’s name, ID card and record locator and, in case it is identified booking duplications of these three elements, cancel the bookings (s) and, if applicable, ticket (s) of former transportation.

3.5. If the passenger is a NO SHOW, all other segments of the respective booking will be automatically canceled and the concessionaire may apply a penalty to the passenger in the amount of €20.


4. Check-in and Boarding

4.1. Passengers must present SATA the boarding pass for the flight of the airline that transports them to/from Azores at check-in.

4.2. If the passenger refuses to present or does not have the boarding pass mentioned in the previous point in its possession, SATA may reserve the right to deny boarding with the routing transportation ticket, without prejudice to the passenger subsequently requesting the issuance of a new transportation ticket, supporting its corresponding cost.

4.3. SATA will enforce the free baggage allowance associated with the routing product, which must be mentioned on the transportation

4.4. SATA is not required to comply with the baggage rules on the transportation ticket to/from Azores issued by another airline.

4.5. SATA may reserve the right to charge additional services to the routing passenger, specifically lounge access, travel insurance, meals, pre-seat booking, pre-seat on board.


5. Information Management and Documentation

SATA will keep, in physical or electronic archive, the documents establishing eligibility, which may be associated with a single record in this set of documents, and reference to this record on the routing transportation ticket.

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